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NEW! The Launch: The Transition from Dependent Child to Independent Adult (2 DVD Set)

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Product DetailsDVD1 (each disk sold separately) ? 136 minutes total run time
1. The Transition from Dependent Child to Independent Adult (Introduction) (11 min)
2. Behavior Science for Young Adults (25 min)
3. Love, Laughter, and Limits for Young Adults (22 min)
4. Positive Parenting: Effective Parenting Skills for Young Adults, Part 1 (24 min)
5. Parental Expectations: Effective Parenting Skills for Young Adults, Part 2 (22 min)
6. Q&A for Introduction to the Launch (5 min)
7. Q&A for Love, Laughter, and Limits (15 min)
8. Q&A for Parental Expectations (12 min)

Product DetailsDVD2 (each disk sold separately) ? 127 minutes total run time
1. Handling Problem Behavior: Effective Parenting Skills for Young Adults, Part 3 (21 min)
2. Motivation for College (24 min)
3. Dealing with a Squatter (16 min)
4. Clearing Out the Roost (23 min)
5. Q&A for Handling Problem Behavior (18 min)
6. Q&A for Dealing with a Squatter (14 min)
7. Q&A for Clearing Out the Roost (11 min)

You can have a happier home!


The purpose of this site is to help you have a happier home and children who are well behaved.  Behavior problems can make it impossible for your home to be a “heaven on earth.”  Behavior problems can vary in severity from annoying to life (or eternal life) threatening.  However severe, there is much you can do to improve the situation.  Please don’t just give up or endure.

There are many things outside of our control that affect our families.  But what we do within the walls of our own home is under our control.  If you have been doing something as a parent and it is not working for you, then doing it more or longer or harder or louder will probably not work either. 

You can improve your child's behavior.

If your child has a behavior problem, you can make things better (generally MUCH better).  Take a look at the concepts on this website.  These things really do work.  The skills and principles here are based on solid research and are proven to work.  Consider how you can use them to help your child and make your home a happier place for everyone. 

When we create the right environment in our home, when our home is “heaven on earth”, we will have a home where children will have a high probability of internalizing the Gospel and our family values, successfully navigating the difficult years of adolescence, and growing up into healthy, happy, and faithful adults. 

There is help!

The principles and skills presented here are only discussed briefly.  The books on the Parenting Resources page are much more thorough.  These Parenting Skills are simple, but sometimes tricky to apply.  If you need help applying them, or if you have concerns not discussed here, you can get personal help through Parent Coaching. 

This site is brought to you as a public service of Tom Dozier and Guaranteed Parent Training.  We hope that you find the information here helpful.  Helping parents is our mission. 


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Note:  This website deals with child behavior using applied behavior analysis or ABA.  These methods are consistent with, and supported by LDS (Mormon or Latter Day Saints) teachings.  As such, they avoid the use of coercion and respect the agency of the child.  These behaviorist methods include parenting skills that address child behavior problems such as noncompliance, lying, stealing, fighting, arguing, disrespect, sibling rivalry, homework problems, bedtime problems, eating and food problems, quarreling, defiance, sassing, bad attitude, use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, and sex.  The parenting skills taught include appropriate use of incentives (including rewards, motivators, or reinforcers), positive reinforcement, and general positive parenting techniques.  Parents are taught how to ignore behavior that needs to be ignored.  Ignoring can be very effective when coupled with the other skills, which include, parental expectations, behavior contracts, redirect (or stop-redirect), and time-out (or time out from positive reinforcement).  These techniques vary with the age of child, but apply to toddlers, tweens, teens, young adults and even adult children.  Positive parenting techniques give children the motivation to do what they should do, need to do, and what you want them to do.  Although these techniques are generally simple, this website cannot teach everything.  Many parents benefit from the personal help and depth of knowledge of a parent coach (or parenting coach).  Parent coaching is a way to get the individual parenting help many parents want (and need).  Other problems that can be addressed with parent coaching include ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), anger,  blaming others, breaking rules, complaining, biting, kicking, hitting, cussing, swearing, interrupting, impulsive or lack of self control, incompetent, irresponsible, laziness, non-compliance, dishonesty, disruptive, melt-downs, moody, not listening, out of control behavior, power struggles, quarreling, resentful, strong-willed, temper tantrums, yelling, whining, uncooperative, vindictive, and being spiteful.  These methods are also effective helping children with separation anxiety stay calm. 





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